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Seasons in Bloom

— During winter a large number of hellebores are in bloom. Viburnum bodnantense with pink flowers blooms from November through March. Variegated, gold, and blue shrubs such as acubas, hollies, winter blooming jasmine, and conifers also provide color. Many varieties of plums flower during January and February. Prunus autumnalis blooms throughout the winter during mild temperatures. The most prominent winter blooming plant in the garden is Erica. There are various trees with colorful bark which are attractive during the winter months; among them are snake bark maple, coral bark maple, sequoia, western red cedar, and white birch. Also of interest in the winter months are many forms of deciduous shrubs and Japanese maples. Additionally many shrubs and small trees have colorful berries during this season.

Spring — The beginning of spring is marked by the blooming of flowering cherries. Several varieties are in the garden with bloom time ranging over several months. Bloom begins early with quince, forsythia, and cornus mas, and continues with the azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, and magnolias through much of June. Colorful bulbs are plentiful from late winter throughout spring. Dogwoods are one of the last trees to bloom in spring; among them are several mature native dogwoods.

Summer — Roses enter with a big splash in June, including a number of climbing roses. Summer also features a host of perennials, particularly in the long borders, however you will find perennials throughout the garden. Summer also brings the unfolding of many large leaf plants including banana, gunnera, darmeria, and other moisture loving plants.

Fall — Fall is an excellent time for foliage color which changes gradually as the season progresses. The garden is full of many types of trees, shrubs, and perennials that have spectacular fall color.

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